Sunday, September 13, 2009


For those of you who are curious to know how well I predicted the wrestling pay per view, here are quick results.

Kane def. Khali in a nobody cares about anything match, I was wrong, but my motivation was just to end this ridiculous waste of airtime. Now they'll probably have to go at it again so that the babyface can beat the heel.

Kofi def. Miz. I called this one, but it was so incredibly predictable. They needed a match to fill time and they needed a fall guy. Miz was perfect, it allowed WWE to continue it's love affair with Kofi and since Miz has nothing to lose in the shame department it's perfectly fine for him to lose on a pay per view...again.

Christian def. Regal Yawn. Christian is becoming as boring as Cena, but without the muscles.

Show/Jericho def. Henry/MVP, also annoyingly boring. How's this for a finishing move, 7 foot 500 pound guy punches you in the face. No matter who you are, you go down, and thats the end of it. They have guys that do full gainers standing or from turnbuckles, they have guys that will dive on you from 20 feet in the air. They have guys that can lift 700plus pounds on their shoulders and bodyslam you, and they end a pay-per-view fight with a punch...again.

Legacy def. DX. I like this, because the bad guys win. They squeezed a submission out of poor 45 year old Shawn Michaels. Who was one of David's favorite wrestlers when he was 9. He doesn't remember this, but I do. 

Punk def. Undertaker. I like this because, although the match was poorly hyped and no one would be happy if the undertaker submitted, the general manager reversed the referee's decision to recognize Punk's tap by calling Taker's submission move illegal. Punk siezes the opportunity to lock in his own submission, and the referee calls Taker out without any sign from the deadman. Punk, GM, and referee together cheap Undertaker out of the title. Makes for an interesting Smackdown next week.

Cena def. Orton. I predicted brilliance in a Cena heel turn, but economics wins out. With Hardy probably selling the most merchandise, but then leaving and therefore getting his items largely pulled from WWE shop, Cena is propped up with his boring as anything ever concocted gimmick of being a marine-wannabe and yelling a lot. I hate Raw. I like ECW, and Smackdown is a real treat. This Pay-per-view largely sucked. That's all for today.

Something you don't care about but I do.

WWE's Breaking Point Pay Per View predictions. 

Big problems for Pro Wrestling's largest company these days, and tomorrow's pay per view looks to be no exception. The easiest way to understand things is to look at them by brand. WWE (formerly WWF) has 3 brands, Monday Night Raw, Friday Night Smackdown, and Tuesday Night ECW. They are supposed to be in that order but in recent months Smackdown has been the most interesting, proven by the most recent pay-per-view headlining wrestlers from Smackdown in the main event. 

ECW is fun, but a televised minor league version at best. The ECW roster was gutted of it's 8 best wrestlers this year, and only has 13 active male wrestlers on their roster, so they are rebuilding, I'm optimistic they'll be interesting again, just not now. 

Smackdown has just lost it's most popular babyface (good guy), who finished his contract, decided to step away from the ring for a spell, and then was promptly arrested for drug trafficking, while it's second most popular babyface is serving a 30 day drug suspension. Good news is the Undertaker is back after a 6 month hiatus. 

Raw is just boring. same gimmick every week, same 3 heels (bad guys) same 3 babyfaces, bleh.

And then there's this new pay-per-view where the gimmick is main events (3 matches) are by submission only. And 3 of wrestlings biggest babyfaces are in these matches. It's nearly impossible to think of any of them getting submitted by the bad guys, which means this is shaping up to be pretty boring. A mid-level championship belt (intercontinental, think the #2 belt of Smackdown) match was cancelled so both up and coming fighters could continue to grow their reputations without the tarnish of a pay-per-view submission loss on their young records. That match was replaced with Raw's mid-level belt (US championship) match between a ridiculous Jamaican babyface and an even more ridiculous (and therefore likeable) heel. This is not a difficult match to predict. At any rate here are my predictions, I mostly just wanted to see them written down so I could compare after the fact. 

Khali def. Kane (singapore Cain match) (please lets end this storyline, Khali can't wrestle he's just big and from India)

Kofi Kingston def. The Miz (not if I was in charge, wouldn't be surprised if it was won by submission, even though it's not a stipulation)

Jericho and Big Show def. Mark Henry and MVP (retain both tag-team belts, why are there two sets of belts when there are only 4 dedicated tag teams across all 3 brands of the WWE?)

William Regal def. Christian (to win the ECW championship, it's high time a heel holds this belt, Christian is one of the most boring personalities in any of these shows, whereas Regal appears to be a stoned gay mentally ill man who thinks he is a long lost tudor or something like that. He also has a 300 pound russian and a giant black bodybuilder escorting him everywhere. Christian's friend is a fat guy from New York who likes hot dogs, he only accompanies Christian sometimes.

DX def. Legacy. perhaps the most popular stable/tag team of all time, DX is not going to lose in a submission match on a pay-per-view.

Randy Orton def. John Cena ('I quit' match) (after Cena goes on and on about his tirades and his courage loyalty and hustle, and his ranting and raving about how he'll never quit, this would be a perfect time to stop being super boring as RAW's biggest babyface has the opportunity to show a character flaw and possibly even turn heel. It's brilliant, but it'll never happen)

Undertaker def. CM Punk (submission match) Can anyone imagine the undertaker tapping? Interestingly enough, however, the Undertaker has never won a major match by his near 20 year career in the WWE. 

Sorry for boring you. I really can't afford to scare anyone off this blog since I'm not sure if ANYONE reads it, ah well. 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Scarier than the last post

Back to Slipknot. Ok, I was watching the concert because I found it somewhat fascinating. Very different to be sure, but also very different from Japan's very different...right? You'd never see people as scary looking as Slipknot in Japan. In fact, I was just remarking to Maki today how beautiful the man in the camera advertisement was today. His only flaws were his large ears and square jaw, if not for those he would have been a woman. So yes, you wouldn't expect to see this:

On the other hand, the more I thought about it the more it reminded me of this gang which absolutely dominated volume 17 of the Berserk Series. As per the big picture they were basically cannon fodder for Guts on his quest to kill everything that ever breathed. 

You be the judge. That's all I got for today.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Irashai, Irashai!

Cup o'coffee. Medium, no whipped cream or caramel sauce or anything like that. Just a cup o'coffee. And while we're at it let's turn off the Jazz. No Bossanova either. Play something classical if you have to. I've decided that when it comes to popular music it's the harder stuff for me. But you don't listen to the harder stuff while drinking coffee. At least I don't. I have a buddy that would, he's actually one of the guys that got me hooked on coffee in the first place. But yes. No Slipknot at Rex's Coffee House. Rex's mother would never approve. In fact, I was watching a slipknot concert on TV while Rex's mother was playing the computer. I watched her out of the corner of my eye to make sure she didn't look at the TV. And if she had looked at the TV I would have flipped the channel. Not because I have to hide that from Rex's mom, I just don't want to give her nightmares which would wake me up in the middle of the night. She punched me in the face one time. These days it's not a given but yes, that does make me Rex's dad. Rex is my fetus. He's due in about 3 months, but he won't be born Rex. Rex is just his fetus name. Oh, is the coffee ready? alrighty then, cheers!